When it Comes to Translation, Not All That Glitters is Standard English.

When It Comes To Translations…

standard english, non-standard english

Sometimes people use the Internet as a virtual lamp post or telephone pole for posting all kinds of notices.

This isn't to say you can't find excellent content on the Internet!

Because you can and when you find it, it's worth its weight in gold!

The problem is that the Internet is set up to accept anything and everything when it comes to content, ranging from something original, of the highest quality, produced with care, thoughtfulness, and commitment to the useless and dispensable, something that should be tossed out.

useless and dispensable

It's no different when it comes to translations!

That being said, translators who are committed to reliability and accuracy need to be aware of the garbage that is sometimes published on and perpetuated by the Internet.

There are many examples of translations in circulation – terms and expressions – that are completely and utterly wrong. When that happens, hundreds – why not say thousands or even millions – of people (including unsuspecting translators) innocently reproduce and pass along this rubbish.

And, that's how we wind up in a state of linguistic chaos! But why?

Because if you repeat a lie enough times, people will begin to believe it's true.

Thousands of articles have been translated without the slightest degree of commitment to reliability and accuracy and then posted on the Internet!





As a translator, you have to be very, very careful not to fall into this trap...

fall into trap

or your client will end up buying a pig in a poke or as Brazilians say: "comprar gato por lebre".

We'll cite only one example to serve as a warning.

keep someone in good memory

This is one of those foreign language expressions that has been translated into English and perpetuated on the Internet. But it's not a standard expression. In fact,

Syntactically, it's all mixed up! How awkward and unnatural it sounds!

It could possibly mean

"to have a fond memory of someone"


"to keep someone in mind"


"to remember/to not forget someone"

This is but ONE EXAMPLE. There's a whole lot of 'trash' out there stinking up the Internet. You have to be savvy enough to spot it and then steer clear of it.

Now take a look at the comments below. They show how important AVRO dx's content has been for translators in Brazil and abroad and that includes helping them avoid getting mired in the linguistic garbage that litters the Internet landscape.


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One more thing. Check out a testimonial by a Brazilian translator in the video below.

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