About Us


As a translator, do you sometimes feel as though you're stumbling around in the dark while you're working on a document? Maybe you've come across an unfamiliar idiomatic expression or a new blend word − let's face it, new ones are popping up all the time!

Or perhaps you're struggling with a colloquialism or a technical term or racking your brain over something subtle or intensely cultural, such as humor or sarcasm.
If any of these situations sounds familiar, then you've come to the right place!

Welcome to AVRO dx's LIGHTHOUSE, a blog aimed at helping translators find their way out of the darkness by lighting the way with words.

The LIGHTHOUSE is a beacon designed to help you, as a translator, navigate through the rough, sometimes tumultuous, seas you sometimes encounter, steering you away from the treacherous rocks of imprecision and guiding you toward accuracy, all the while highlighting the value of human-generated translations in an industry increasingly swayed by machine translations.

For instance, it will point out the critical difference between FREE CONTENT − questionable, sometimes spurious, information found on free internet services − and PAID CONTENT − carefully researched, reliable information found on paid subscription services that will keep you from being sucked into a whirlpool of pseudo-translations.

It will also offer practical tips to help make your daily work in general flow more smoothly, acting as a compass to keep you sailing in the right direction.

All of this − and much more! − is made possible through AVRO dx, a comprehensive, reliable English-Portuguese-English database containing over 250,000 primary entries, thousands of technical terms from all segments, over 3,700 pictures, plus helpful example sentences and explanations that show how to use them.

Our research team makes sure you have definitions you can count on and the LIGHTHOUSE is here to keep you on course.

If you want to feel more confident about the quality of your translations, stick around and let the LIGHTHOUSE be your guide.

Watch the video below to learn more about AVRO dx and what it can do to help you and your career!