FREE CONTENT – Do you rely heavily on free content?

A Compilation of Data Collected By Robots

We know we've mentioned this before but it's worth going over it again. Search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, or Google also provide free content.

Their digital robots – using equally free browsers such as FireFox, Edge, Chrome, Opera, and Slimjet – visit ALL websites looking for any kind of information to put together an indexed database that we all use as a resource for our searches.

When you type in a word, a phrase, or an idiomatic expression, the browser spits out tens, hundreds, or thousands of matches ('hits'). What you're seeing is merely a COMPILATION of the data collected by the robots, meaning it's THIRD PARTY DATA as-is. No effort has been made to screen any of it for accuracy or reliability so you wind up getting the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly as well!

You risk paying a very high price in terms of your reputation when you rely heavily, indiscriminately, on this free content. For instance, we know of cases where translators lost bread-and-butter clients because of it, clients upon whom they depended for a big part of their livelihood.

What Does Free Content Have to Offer?

As an example, let's search for this English expression


Here's the kind of translation you're likely to get back:

Free content

Other websites give you these options:

Now compare them with what you get when you look up 'THICK AND FAST' in AVRO dx.

See the difference between a pseudotranslation and an authentic, reliable translation?

That's the kind of translation you can count on when you use AVRO dx! Why?

Because AVRO dx is not a compilation of data collected by robots.

AVRO dx is a comprehensive (English-Portuguese-English) reliable database containing over 250,000 primary entries, thousands of technical terms from all segments, over 3,700 pictures, plus helpful example sentences and explanations.

Watch the video below to learn more about AVRO dx and what it can do to help you and your career!

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