Numbers Don't Lie – How to Slash the Time Spent on Searches

Numbers don't lie

Fake is a Deliberate Misrepresentation of Facts.

Over the past few years we've heard a lot about 'fake news', 'fake stories', 'alternative facts', and so on. Admittedly, while we all know that numbers don't lie, facts can be twisted around, distorted, tampered with, and presented with bias. But…


what do the numbers say?

Numbers Speak for Themselves!

When we talk about numbers, we immediately think of 'STATISTICS. Statistics is defined as a science with which one can collect, classify, analyze, and interpret both numbers and facts.

Let's use a recent stat to illustrate this point.

It's well-known that translators spend a big chunk of their time doing Internet searches or combing through paper dictionaries, looking for exact matches for terms or expressions.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time YOU spend on these searches?

Translators have reported that it can take up to ONE HOUR to find a reliable translation, depending on the complexity of the expression or the segment in which the term is used. It's actually quite common to spend 15, 20, or 30 minutes with only ONE SEARCH!

We recently heard from a translator who spent 60 MINUTES trying to find the translation of a particularly tricky technical term.

This led us to carry out a survey of searches done by translators who use the comprehensive AVRO dx dictionary.

Take a look at what the numbers showed us!



Hebert made 32 searches on AVRO dx, including isolated terms, technical terms, and idioms. He readily found 27 in the database and five were answered by the ENF system (Entry Not Found*).

Janice made 46 searches on AVRO dx. She found 42 exact matches and only four ENFs. The next day, the four ENFs had already been added to the database.

Rodrigo made 62 searches, mostly for technical terms. He found 53 exact matches, 5 close matches, and 4 were considered ENFs, two of which were due to typos.

(*) AVRO dx's unique system through which terms that have been searched but not found are evaluated by our research team and added to the database after they've been validated. If you want to know more about AVRO dx, visit us at

Remembering that 'numbers don't lie', what else can we conclude from this survey?

We'll let the translators who use AVRO dx answer this question for themselves.

Matheus Chaud

Matheus is an experienced translator who works with the English-Portuguese pair. He lives in Brazil and has been using AVRO dx for several years. Here's what he said about AVRO dx:

"The AVRO dx dictionary is one of the most important tools for my productivity as a translator. I usually find terms instantly in AVRO dx that would take 5 or 10 minutes to find and validate in other sources. That way, I save precious time every day, and it's certainly worth the monthly fee, which I see as an investment. I give it two thumbs up without hesitation!"

Sergio Mendes de Freitas

Sérgio is a veteran English-Portuguese translator. He also lives in Brazil and has been using AVRO dx daily for several years. He sent the following comment about how important AVRO dx has been to him.

"On a few occasions, I couldn't find the translation of the term I was looking for, but then I received an email with the new entry added by AVRO dx support team, and right before sending a project I was working on back to the client! The AVRO dx dictionary is, without a doubt, an indispensable tool: affordable, reliable, and ever-expanding!"

Fábio Oliveira

Fábio lives in the U.S. and works with the English-Portuguese pair. He uses AVRO dx on a daily basis and he was strongly expressive in his comments.

"I have over 40 years of experience as a translator and AVRO dx has become one of the tools I frequently use to look up words, confirm terms I've used, or find other options for a given term. It's very useful. Do I always find what I'm looking for? No, I don't, but the same thing happens with all the dictionaries I consult. The difference is that the AVRO dx team sends me the translation of the term that I was looking for and didn't find and that, too, is extremely beneficial if the suggested translation fits the context. Furthermore, AVRO dx is a Brazilian initiative and I support AVRO dx's efforts to help translators working with Brazilian Portuguese. I wish you continued success!"

Thousands of translators have not yet realized they can slash the amount of time wasted on Internet searches. But...

Now you know how to stop wasting your precious time looking up and validating terms and expressions on the internet!

Visit AVRO dx at

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